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We have had such a fantastic experience with Alanna and Von Den Mächtigen! We have used her for both breeding and training and couldn’t be happier with the results. She is so dedicated to her dogs, and ours. She offers fantastic services and has such a quick response time with ultimate knowledge about everything dog related PLUS she breeds the best puppies! Will definitely continue to be our first and ONLY stop for everything breeding/training related!

-Tom Davies

Getting another dog was the last thing we expected in 2022 but when we met one of Alanna’s pups Devil we fell in love and so did our kids. He is incredibly smart and has such a sweet disposition which i credit to Alannas breeding program and handling/training. Ive had the opportunity to meet a lot of her puppies and can attest that not only are they incredible pups but that she gives them the best care and attention. She really knows her stuff!

-Anna Lytle


There are not enough superlatives to describe what I think of Alanna and her total operation. I am a retired Naval Commander who has bought GSD’s all over the US for over 40 years. I have never dealt with a more knowledgeable and compassionate breeder as Alanna. She totally her dogs and treats every puppy like it’s going to be hers forever. She also goes out of her way to match the perfect puppy with the right owner and family.

I’m an old guy who loves GSDs and have an 8 year old GSD. Alanna matched us with Ice and we will e working on mobility support. She picked him out because he is not high drive and is going to be a big and will be able to help me get up.

When she talks about unlimited breeder support, it’s true. You can contact her anytime day or night and she responds right away!

Once again, if you want a SUPER HIGH QUALITY GSD that will meet all your expectations contact Alanna. You will not be disappointed.

I cannot believe how hard she works and consider her a true PROFESSIONAL and a true friend.


-Frank and Deb Lauro

Quite literally one of the best experiences I have ever had with a breeder. From the moment I was in contact with Alanna, to the moment she delivered my pup Hera to me, I knew everything that was going on, I felt like I was actually a part of the crew. I felt welcomed, and I was never in doubt about the quality of these amazing dogs. Healthy, happy and oh so beautiful. the I litter is a work of art, only to be improved upon with Alanna's future success. Thank you so much for a dream come true!

-Billy Knight

Reputable breeder that truly cares for her dogs and program. She also trains and boards dogs on her ranch. Highly recommend!!

-Stephanie Davis


Alanna has been terrific to work with. Between her care for the dogs & her clients to the facilities she has, everything is top-notch. She values health testing, bettering the breed, and creating the ultimate working dog.

I am on the waitlist for a puppy from her program and had several hundred options. Alanna answered every question I have, went into extensive detail about dogs in her pedigrees, and spoke about what her goals are for her program and within her lines. I’d highly recommend Alanna and VDM!

-Jasen Smith

Alanna is awesome!! She answered all my questions over the months I was waiting for my pup, she's open and friendly, quick to communicate back to me, continues to offer support and advice anytime I need it, truly cares about her dogs, and she paired me with the perfect puppy. This was my first time going through a breeder for a dog, and I couldn't be happier. I wanted to make sure I bought my GSD from someone reputable since there are so many subpar GSD breeders out there, and I am so happy with my choice to go through VDM. It feels so good to know that my breeder still cares about my dog after it leaves her home and will be there for me and my dog for a lifetime of support. Totally recommend Alanna at VDM!

-Hillary Mills

Cant express how helpful Alanna was getting our new puppy. she did a super job. we are very very happy with Blaze. I cant wait to continue working with her done the road. I would recommend highly.

-Randy Memmott

Von Den Mächtigen German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois is the premier provider of the best in breed when it comes to German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Alanna has the experience, expertise and heart that sets her apart from the competition.

The litters have the genealogy of documented champions in service, champions and durability. There are a plethora of breeders out there, however if you are looking for the best out there, Von Den Mächtigen is the single source.

We are the proud owners of Dalan the GSD! Dalan has been nothing but a powerhouse of smarts, drive and loyalty.

We had the choice of several local breeders in AZ, however in the end we chose Von Den Mächtigen in Utah. We couldn't be more confident in our choice. Alanna was with us through the entire process. Alanna chose Dalan for us based on our requirements and trait characteristics that we specified. Our trust in Alanna was well placed and she provided well beyond our expectations.

Von Den Mächtigen is THE household name in GSDs and Belgian Malinois.

-Jaya Evangelista

Working with Alanna was excellent. Communication was beyond reproach and her drive to ensure you end up with the pup right for you is impressive. Not only does she have my endorsement, but I ended up working with her based on recommendations from another breeder for whom I have great respect. Essentially this means she is endorsed not on only by her customers, but this within her own field of breeders.

*11 months later*

I have had my GSD from Alanna 11 months now and both the GSD, and Alanna are too notch. I am overwhelmed with how helpful Alanna is and the quality of the dogs she sells are. I wish all my dogs in the past had come from her. If you want one of best people to work with and one of the best dogs out there you have found the place.

-Brian Timmer

Alanna is everything you want in a breeder and trainer. She is meticulous about the health and quality of her animals, and she is fantastic to work with. She is knowledgeable, honest and kind to a fault, and a great support. We are so grateful to have a dog from her kennel knowing that we have amazing, health tested lines and a fantastic breeder to lean on. We would recommend her without hesitation! Thank you Alanna for everything you do!

-Taylor Hollingsworth

Super knowledgeable, professional and helpful!!

-Rebecca Rich

My family and I loved the pictures and video calls we would get with our little guy and since we have had him at home we couldn't be any happier!

-Brian Leonard

Alanna worked with my Shepherd, Aspen, to tighten her obedience and trained her to be a service dog. She was amazing to work with and sent me frequent updates. I am very pleased with the progress. I look forward to continuing training with Alanna. I would highly recommend her!

-Diane Metcalf

Alanna is so caring with the dogs and is such an amazing trainer. I own Nami the first service dog Alanna trained and Nami has been a huge blessing in our lives. She helps me with my anxiety and depression as well as sensing when I need to eat. I'm so excited for Alanna to share her precious dogs with more people.

-Tasha Albiston

The love and care of these dogs is unsurpassed! Alanna is one of the best.

-Deana Aller


I had such an amazing experience working with them! Everyone is so knowledgeable, kind, and produce the best-quality experience when choosing my dog. The dogs are beautiful and bred with integrity. Any question you might have, Alanna will have the answer. I couldn’t recommend them more and will be recommending them to all of my friends and family.

-Haley Adams

Great Dogs. Smart, Energetic, beautiful

-Jenny Simpkins

Alanna has been the most helpful and kind mentor! She helped us literally every step of the way from breeding our dog to one of her amazing studs until the pups were gone. She gave us the best tips, tricks and advice. She never made us feel like a burden for asking questions and always gave the information we needed or knew which direction to point us in for more. I can say without any hesitation that she knows what she’s doing and she breeds the best of the best and puts her whole soul into it!

-Tara Wilcox

An amazing facility run right by a compassionate, competent breeder and trainer. I trust my dogs with no one else! Alanna is a prime example of dedication, hard work, honest practice and professionalism. I can’t recommend her enough! We adore our puppy from her and love the level of support and knowledge she gives.

-Jordan and Taylor Hollingsworth

Amazing breeder. The breeder is very professional and does a great job training. Every dog I saw at her property is beautiful and so happy. 10/5 stars.

-Bianca Carbonaro

Beautiful animals raised in a professional and caring environment

-Cheryl Holton

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