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In order to obtain a puppy from us, we require a phone consultation. We believe this is a great opportunity to truly get to know our clients and vice versa. Below is a list of questions we usually ask during the consultation.

What litter are you inquiring about?

What made you interested in purchasing a German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois?

Do you currently own a dog? If Yes, what breed(s), age and are they spayed / neutered?

Have you previously owned any other dogs before? If Yes, what breed(s) of dog?

Do you currently own any other animals? If Yes, please state what kind and age.

What are your goals for this puppy and as a handler?
What are your living 

Do you plan on moving in the next few years? We do require you update us on where you move to.

Do you plan on continuing crate training? If No, how are you planning to contain the puppy if need be?

How often/long will the puppy be left alone for?

What dog food do you plan on feeding?

Do you have a trainer already? If not, we can recommend some.

Are you ready to commit to this dog for the life of the dog?

What are you looking for in terms of drive, temperament, workability, etc?

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