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SG Kackey z Gargamellu IPO3, UHP, IGP3, PSA-PDC, 2018 Danish IPO1 Championship Winner


IPO1 99 (no leash), 97, 92 Denmark Nationals Winner

IPO2 99 (no leash), 94, 94

IPO3 98 (no leash), 98, 98



Kackey has a full, swallowing grip with intense power. He shows extreme fight by sitting in the drive and pulling with his entire body. He truly brings the fight to the helper.

He is a natural tracker. He enjoys tracking and thrives doing it, with high tracking scores in all his routines. He has high prey drive, medium to high food drive, and high defense with insane aggression. He is clear headed and does an excellent job of staying with his handler, even when pressure is high. Clean obedience with good power in his movement. Spectacular biddability. He is a large sized dog, weighing about 90lbs.


Kackey achieved his PSA - PDC in August and has been working towards his PSA1. He has full grips on the suit, with great pressure.

Kackey is social with adults, children, cats, and small animals. He is very handler oriented and can come off as aloof if there’s no “reason” to interact with another person. He enjoys the company of female dogs and puppies, but is not super social towards other intact males. He is not over the top with his dominance but will not allow dogs to push him too far, either. Wonderful off switch and can live comfortably in the house with no concern.

HD A1, ED 0/0. OCD Free, LÜW 0, DM Carrier. Carries for solid black. Carries for coat.

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