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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your puppies cost?

Our puppies are $3500. Included in this price is:

     -Limited AKC Registration paperwork (full registration paperwork is available to approved homes)

     -Age appropriate vaccinations

     -Multiple dewormings

     -26 month hip and elbow guarantee

     -Personalized puppy pack

     -Crate training started

     -Potty training started

     -Raised using Avidog, ENS, ESI, and Puppy Culture

     -Raised on an 80 acre ranch

     -Unlimited Breeder Support


What is the deposit process?

We accept a $750 non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation for the litter. Our deposits are 100% non-refundable. We accept a limited number of deposits until birth. At that point, the remaining reservations will be opened. 


Deposits are transferable to a future litter, should anything arise that causes you to not be able to receive a puppy from the current litter. 


We suggest getting your name on the Reservation List, especially if you are interested in a specific pairing. Often times, our puppies are reserved in advance. The chances of us having a non-reserved puppy is small, but not impossible.

Do you sell with Full Registration?

Our puppies are USUALLY sold on AKC Limited registration. In order for a dog to be eligible for Full registration, the dog must be health tested with passing scores, at least 2 years old, and titled in a working venue. At minimum, ALL puppies are sold with AKC Limited registration.

*I have the right to refuse AKC Full registration to anyone.*

Can I visit your home and your dogs?

Absolutely! We allow visitors by appointment only. We encourage all puppy buyers to visit our property and see where their puppy was raised. Our dogs love visitors! If we have a litter on the ground, we require everyone to comply with strict health protocols while visiting.


If puppies are old enough, we will allow a puppy play session and we can talk about our goals, dogs, and our program. Feel free to email or text/call to schedule a visit!

What colors do you breed?

We breed standard colors. We do not breed any dilutes or off-standard colors.

Can I pick my puppy out?

We strive to pair each puppy buyer with the best suited dog. We will sit down and create a list of traits that you are looking for. Together, we will pick out a puppy for YOU. In no circumstance, do we place a puppy based on color or size. We do this to help prevent a puppy owner from getting a dog that does not fit in with the buyer's lifestyle.

Gender, coat length, color, etc. will be taken into consideration. 

When are payments due for my puppy?

The rest of the money owed (minus the $750 non-refundable deposit) is due at the time a puppy is paired with you.

What if I can no longer care for my dog?

We will take back any dog that cannot be properly taken care of by the owner no questions asked. We require you notify us before the dog is dropped off. 

Under NO circumstances is a dog to be given or sold to another person, laboratory, etc. In addition, if you move, we require you to send us your new address and information.

How big will my puppy grow to be?

Although we cannot guarantee size, we strive to produce dogs that are within standard. Weights can very depending on each breeding.

In German Shepherds, females can range from 50-75 lbs. Males can range from 65-90 lbs.

In Belgian Malinois, females can range from 40-60 lbs. Males can range from 60-80 lbs.

Can I name my new puppy?

Of course! We do require that you have your name picked out no later than 6 weeks of age or at the time a puppy is paired with you.

The registered name must follow the litter letter. For example, "A" litter names begin with an "A", "B" litter names begin with a "B", etc. 

What is AKC Limited Registration?

You can find more information and how it works by clicking the link below:

AKC Limited Registration Information

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